Can You Tell What Images Are Hidden In These Magic Eye Photos? 

If you’re active on Twitter, then you have seen the image that is making people go crazy.

A photo of a green background that seems to be just leaves has got people in a small state of confusion as to whether there is a Griaffe or not.

Some think it’s all made up but, it really isn’t.

These images are a thing called Stereograms or Magic Eyes photos.

They are illusions…

Images hidden within images and there’s a whole history around it and something about depth effect but… we don’t want to bore you.

It’s normal if you can’t see the images hidden because honestly, I can’t even see them but apparently there’s a trick to making it easy to see!

According to our research, the best way to see the image is to hold the image against your face, close to your nose and focus on the background of the picture.

Resist the urge to move your eyes or blink and slowly move the picture away from your face while staring at the background.

Just like magic… the 3D image will be revealed and tadaaa… you’d feel a sense of accomplishment.

Now try to identify the images within these:

1.The now famous “Giraffe”

There’s more! Click the numbers below to navigate through the pages!


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