A 9-Year-Old Is The Youngest Covid-19 Patient To Have Died In Ghana

Health professional pulling a bed with a corpse (Image: Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

A 9-year-old child has been identified as the youngest person to have died from coronavirus in Ghana.

This was announced by the Ghana Health Service during a routine update of covid-19 case management.

Ghana’s case count currently has 5,127 confirmed cases, 22 deaths and 494 recoveries with 4,656 active cases.

The oldest person who has died from the virus in Ghana is 82 years old.

People with underlying health issues such hypertension, diabetes and other ailments are said to be at a higher risk of losing their lives to covid-19.

Below is a table from Ghana Health Service about the deaths and their related underlying health issues.

Disease ConditionNumber% (n=22)
Hypertensionpage4image368478416page4image3685616 page4image368603272.7
page4image3686864Diabetes Mellituspage4image368769610page4image3688528 page4image368894445.5
page4image3683744Chronic Liver Diseasepage4image3683952page4image36843682page4image3685200page4image3685616 page4image36860329.1page4image3686864 page4image3687280
page4image3688944Obesitypage4image36897762page4image3690608 page4image36910249.1
page4image3691856Strokepage4image3692688page4image36931041page4image3693936page4image3694352 page4image36947684.5page4image3695600 page4image3696016
Prostate Enlargement14.5
page4image3691232Acute Kidney Injurypage4image36920641page4image3692896 page4image36933124.5
page4image3694144Interstitial Pulmonary Diseasepage4image36949761page4image3695808 page4image36962244.5
page4image3697056Congestive Cardiac Failure

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Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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