UEW Students Share What They Really Do When They Have “Online Class”

online school meme
online school meme

We have heard a lot of people say they have a class online at a certain time so that’s the reason why they can’t pick calls and reply messages on time.

If your parents want to send you kraaaa you say online class. Any other agenda anyone else wants you to pursue aside yours, the legit excuse is online class.

Our parents are feeling like, wow our kids are making the most out of this situation but charle we all dey street and we no say notin agaun…………lol

We decided to ask what you guys really do during the “online class” period …………lmao……..don’t take our word for it.

Playing games,watching movies and going through all social media platforms


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Replying Whatsapp messages

Sometimes I just log onto the Moodle just for attendance and let Snapchat take over the phone LOL

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