Should You Be Thinking Of Changing Careers Because Of The Pandemic?

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Nobody expected Coronavirus. It has affected our lives in so many ways other than the direct health threat. The way that things have always been done is being affected by the pandemic, and that includes our jobs. You need to understand how resilient your company is to the effects of the pandemic, in order to know where your job stands. Some industries can’t handle the extreme conditions that we are currently living under, and as a result, people have lost their jobs.

However, has published some vacancies for remote working opportunities. This shows that some companies are adjusting to the current normal. And a source at an HR solutions firm also confirms that companies are still hiring. This means that some industries are not struggling quite as much others. In fact, while YFM has laid off a number of its workers, MTN, on the other hand, has seen its profits grow by 62% (source: Instinct Business).

So that brings us to the question, should you be thinking of a career change because of the pandemic? Here is some help making that decision.

How Long Will It Take Your Industry To Recover?

Industries like travel and hospitality have been hit hardest by the travel restrictions and social distancing measures that are in place to contain the virus’ spread. I don’t imagine that any company is going to hire any stewardesses soon. You need consider a career change if your current path doesn’t seem to hold enough prospects.

How Much Do You Love Your Job?

Loving what you do for a living is not something that you should take for granted. If you have a passion for your job, you might want to stay in the field that you’re in, even if things are a bit tough for the companies in that industry at the moment.

Were You Thinking About A Change Anyway?

It is not uncommon that we end up in jobs that we aren’t really passionate about. So, if you were already thinking about a different career path, the fact that it’s generally a bad time doesn’t mean that it’s a bad time for you to search for opportunities in the fields that you are interested in.

We are all in uncharted territory. What’s the plan?

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