Here’s What Date Rush Is All About

Nii Kpakpo Thompson hosting season 3 of Date Rush

Date Rush has become one of the most popular, anticipated and viewed television shows in Ghana.

The show which airs on TV3 Network every Sunday at 8:00 pm ends up among the top trends on Twitter and Facebook.

The exciting nature and outcomes of the show gets people talking on the various social media platforms.

Date Rush on TV3

Date Rush is a dating reality show produced by Adesa Production Limited, a member of the Media General Group and sponsored by Rush Energy Drink.

The show was created in response to the need to support young Ghanaians looking for a platform to meet, connect and build relationships that could grow into long-term commitments. It was also created to provide viewers with the ultimate entertainment experience as the plot unfolds week after week.

Date Rush is currently in its third season. The first season of the show premiered in 2018.

What the show entails:

Date Rush presents an opportunity for single men to get a date with a lady.

The challenge is for the men who appear on the show to impress a panel of ten ladies with video presentations about them and some dancing moves. Ladies who are then interested keep their rushes (light buzzers) on and those who don’t turn off their rushes. The gentleman finally decides on which of the ladies he wants to go out with.

Date Rush on TV3

How the men get their dates:

Before the gentleman is introduced to the ladies, the producers show his first video presentation. The first video that is shown is a brief introduction about the man and what he does.

After the first video is shown, the ladies who like how the gentleman introduced himself, keep their rushes on, and those who don’t have any interest in him turn off their rushes.

The second video that is shown is about the man’s previous relationships. Ladies who are okay with his past keep their rushes on and the others who aren’t turn off theirs.

In the final video, the man talks about his ambitions and goals. The ladies who are still impressed by his presentation keep their rushes on and those who aren’t turn their rushes off.

After this phase, the duty now falls on the man to choose his date out of the ladies who still have their rushes on.

He takes turns to turn off the rushes of the ladies he doesn’t like, leaving just two of his favourites to choose from.

The gentleman then asks the two ladies mind-boggling questions. He eventually selects the one whom he thinks will be his perfect date.

So, the show basically requires men who appear on the show to convince the ladies to go on a date with him.

If successful, the man and the chosen lady will land an all-expense-paid date.


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