Give Your Room A Complete Makeover And Give It A New Feel!

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curtains photo via

Staying at home during this lockdown period could get boring.

Since most of our time is spent in our rooms, here are a few amazing things you can do to give your room a fresh and new vibe.

Start by decluttering your room so you’re left with only the things you need.

You can then decide to change the position of your furniture so you give your room a new look or to create more space. Rearrange your bed and wardrobes in your room. Placing objects at new places will help to make your room look new.

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Use beautiful wallpapers of your choice or you could do a little bit of painting yourself.

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Buy lamps, other types of lights or glow in the dark stickers and create a statement wall. You could also make your own art and hang them up on the wall.

Change your sheets and your curtains. This will certainly change the appearance of your room. Also, keep a well laid bed to give a clean look to your room.

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You could also lay down a rug on the floor. Get a good full length mirror and let it lean back on your wall.

You can complete your makeover by placing air fresheners or diffusers in your room to give it a good smell.

You can decide to choose any colours or themes you prefer and apply them to your room makeover. Try as much as possible to clean always and avoid crowding your room so as to have enough space for movement and good ventilation.


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