Final Year Students In Limbo As Coronavirus Affects Graduation Plans

University graduates

There is a lot of uncertainty in the country and around the world due the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses are unsure of when to start full operations, even churches do not know when to reopen their doors again.

What used to be normal weeks ago is frowned upon today.

Most people are in “hibernation” just waiting for this to pass so that life as we knew it will resume.

These people include a number of students for whom this year marked a monumental milestone in their lives.

Yes… they would become graduates or obtained various post graduate degrees.

Now… that dream seems blurred.

Not because they didn’t work hard enough to achieve it – in fact they did. Burnt the midnight candle, met deadlines, sat for mid-semester and end of semester exams.

CUC Graduation 2019

For their part, they have done everything and were about to complete their last semester when the pandemic struck and changed everything.

Today, most final year students are unsure of whether they would be able to graduate this year as planned.

In a survey, when some final year students were asked whether they feared that their graduation would be affected by the pandemic, many said yes.

A total of 28 out of 35 respondents said they believed the pandemic would affect their graduation.

“I’m too scared,” one final year student told

“Yes, it’s my biggest fear,” another said.

Others also believed the educational system should be put on hold until after the pandemic passes.

“I don’t think it’s fair to have the final years graduate under such circumstances,” a respondent said.

Meanwhile, on social media some are already taking the lead with their own graduation – no time to wait for the congregation to gather.

Others are having mixed feelings about the entire situation.

Follow the link below to read more about how final year students are reacting to the ban on social gathering.


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