David’s Tips: 4 Habits Of Exceptional Workers

Photo of David Mills

We all want to stand out in our workplaces. We want to “kill it” at our jobs, and we want to be appreciated by our superiors. This week, David tells us some habits that you should build if you want to be an exceptional worker. David Mills is an Executive Coach who has helped people land their dream jobs. And these are his tips to make yourself exceptional.

Check Your Email

A lot of us have bad email habits, but you can’t afford that when your job is involved. Not checking your email regularly means that you may miss official communications from your coworkers or your boss. Imagine checking your email to realize that you received a mail from your boss two days ago telling you to do something important. That doesn’t sound like an exceptional worker, does it?

Prioritize Your Tasks

In our jobs, there are always going to be little tasks that come up. There’s always going to be something that you need to be doing. However, some things are more important. You need to identify those things and make sure that they’re getting done first.


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