UEW: These 6 Women Make School Feel Like Home

photo grid of Dr Israel, Dr Offei Awuku and Pamela Aku Dzifa

We have gone on and on about how we are bored and how online school dey stress and blah.

Today is Mother’s Day. S/O to all the female students of UEW who double as mothers. You people dey try waaaa…. Cuz most of us are single, no children and yet school dey stress we.

However there are a few people that make the stay in school extra special. Sometimes they even make you forget you are in school.

We asked you guys to let us know which women on campus fit this category and you gave us these 6 names.

Pamela Aku Dzifa

Pamela Aku Dzifa

Dzifa is a past executive and chaperone for almost all the campus beauty pageants. If there is a pageant and Aku is not part then eno bi pageant. For most people, what fascinates them about Aku is her ability to groom young ladies into women of substance. In their own words, SHE IS AWESOME!!

Dr Peace Israel

Dr Peace Israel

This S/O is coming from all the students in the English Department where Dr Israel lectures. We love you Mama. We beg the exams make we see top ……..lol

Kenkey is Eating

Allllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Dokono no size. Eiii orgasmic kenkey. This lady sells kenkey at the North Campus Canteen. We won’t say much. Just have a taste of the kenkey and submit your accolades. Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture *sobs*

Joyce Nsiah Asante

Joyce Nsiah Asante

Madam Joyce is a lecturer at the Department of Early Childhood Education. For all you do ma God bless you and thank you.

Miss Maud Kubi

Maud is a student of UEW and seems to have a fan base because her name was on the list. Be like she dey spoil der for some squad. But wherever you are Maud, know that you are appreciated 1000 times. God bless you.

Dr Beth Offei Awuku

Dr Beth Offei- Awuku

Top Shatta Dr Beth!!!!!!!!!!! If you frequent the school clinic you should know Dr Beth. The medicine she prescribes for you will taste like honey saf. This woman will cut your nails for you all because she wants you to be healthy. Thank you Dr Beth. God bless you!

Let us know if there should be anyone else here.

Enjoy today guys!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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