UENR: These Women Make Campus A Home Away From Home

Mma Koko aka Koko Snapchat/Koko Twitter UENR
Mma Koko aka Koko Snapchat/Koko Twitter UENR

We may love them on some days and on other days, we may think that they are being a “nuisance”.

All these women want however is for us to be the best versions of ourselves in the near future. They treat us like they would their biological children and go the extra mile of helping us with all things aside the academic responsibilty they have towards us.

After all most of us are adults and we can decide to do whatever we like but that is what makes them mothers and for that, on a special day like today we would want to celebrate them.

Rev Phyllis Bernis Opare PhD. Science, Technology and Society Lecturer at the University of Energy and Natural Resources.

Rev Phyllis Bernis Opare PhD.

Mma Koko aka Koko Snapchat/ Koko Twitter.

Mma Koko aka Koko Snapchat

She sells porridge behind the Getfund hostel. She’s been doing this for almost 4 years.

Ama Waakye

Most popular food vendor on campus. Her beans and waakye are top notch. She makes it so hard to miss your mum’s food eh. God bless you!

Maa Mary

Maa Mary

She works with NHIS but also has a provision shop at the school roundabout and sells indomie too. Most students depend on her at night. If she doesn’t come people can bore. She is a nice woman too. Very friendly.

Mrs Charity Roberts.

Mrs Charity Roberts

Counsellor and Lecturer at the University of Energy and Natural Resources. She teaches African studies. Lol, she is strict but very caring. She’s like a mother to all.

Aunty OB

Aunty OB with the sweet touch on the pastries she’s also got the best sobolo and iced cocoa drink on campus y’all. Anytime we want to satisfy our cravings she is always there and if we say always, we mean she is always around, right behind the Getfund Hostel. She is just not a Baker but also a friend and a mother to many.

Not to forget our ever reliable Navida and Maa connie . They have been there since we could remember and the most visited joints. We certainly cannot do without them and certainly can’t get enough of them.

Thank you for everything you do for us and God richly bless you.

Happy Mothers Day!

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