TTU: Here Are Our Favourite Mother Figures On Campus

Madam Betty
Madam Betty

Today is Mother’s Day. S/O to all the female students of TTU who double as mothers. You guys are superwoman, herh!!!, we sef we no born ankasa no we no dey see top and honestly we don’t know how you guys manage to make it all work.

Some women on campus deserve some accolades chale! These women make campus feel like home whenever we are around them.

So we asked you guys for women who fit into this category and you replied.

Here are our favourite mother figures on TTU campus.

Aunty Mansa is the Queen of all stationary in TTU. Everyone knows her and buys from her, even HODs recommend her to students when we need something.
Not only is she a funny woman, but very kind and entertaining. Not only do you buy from her, but you get a whole production. Thank you for the occasional free pens and words of kindness.

There is no female lecturer on campus like vhim lady and that’s a fact. One thing you can be assured of is you will never have a boring lecture with her. Her vibrant personality is what makes us love her even more. Vhim Lady!!!

The HOD for the Hospitality Management department is truly one with a mother’s heart.
Full of smiles and enthusiasm, she really cares about her students and we appreciate you for this ma, we will make you proud.

Madam Betty, hmm. The Iron Lady of the Graphic Design and Technology Department.
Madam Betty at first glance might look like a sharp-tongued no-nonsense lecturer, well she is, but is one of the funniest and straightforward people you would ever meet.
She is not afraid to say it as it is and does this when she knows she is telling the truth. A very talented conceptual photographer and a mother to all. Madam Betty is one of the lecturers that will leave a lingering image in your mind.

The mini canteen at the FAATSA basement floor has quickly become one of our favourite food joints on campus and it’s all thanks to Auntie Naa.
Thank you for not only serving us with delicious food but always smiling and making conversations with us.Thank you for the extra piece of fish you would add to our meals cos we were complaining about it being too small. We love you.


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