These Emotional Mother-Daughter Wedding Moments Will Leave You Smiling

Image via @fousnblur on IG

Mothers are special and on your special day, they want to be of help as much as possible. They’ve had their wedding and they want yours to be as special as possible with no hiccups. They’ll help you plan the wedding and will most probably even take care of the food part.

Apart from taking your wedding personal, traditionally, before you go to the church for the white wedding, they put the bridal crown on your head and pray over your marriage for you.

Trust us, this is one of the most emotional part of the preparation for marriage because it finally hits you that you’re getting married and you’re going to leave your parent’s house and direct protection and going to build and manage your own. If you’re a mummy’s girl de3 it’s even worse.

Here are some pictures we gathered from various Ghanaian photographers capturing the emotional mother daughter moment before their wedding.


Image via @jema_photography on IG


Image via @jema_photography on IG


Image via @jema_photography on IG

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