Here’s What To Do To Be Evacuated From America By Government

Passengers at an airport

Since President Akufo Addo announced the closure of the Ghanaian borders, a number of Ghanaians have been stuck in other countries unable to come home.

Now, the Permanent Mission of Ghana to the United Nations is hoping to bring some relief to Ghanaians in the United States of America.

The Mission “is compiling a list of Ghanaians stranded in the United States as a result of the closures, who wish to be evacuated,” a statement from the Mission said.

Ghanaians who wish to be evacuated must send their name and biodata of passport, US Visa and date of entry, as well as State and city of residence in the United States to [email protected] by May 12.

See a statement from the Mission below:

Remember, you have until May 12 to apply.

Send this to friends and family in US who may need it.


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