Don’t You Dare Do These Things On Mother’s Day…Ever!

It’s Mother’s Day today and we know you don’t know this but there are some Dos and Donts when it comes to Mother’s Day.

Please don’t do any of these…

1.Do not under any circumstance annoy your mummy today.

She will growl and call you inconsiderate plus… don’t be mean. Today is the day to celebrate her. Send all the text messages she wants you to draft for her.

2.Don’t tell your female friends “Happy Mother’s Day to you and your unborn child”

Honestly, they are tired. It was cute when we were in Junior High School but now it’s just tiring.


3. Don’t call someone’s mum ugly on social media.

It’s just disrespectful! Allow people to celebrate their mums today!

4. Do not write “Happy Mother’s Day” all those who have lost their mums.

It’s hard enough for them to see all of you celebrating your mums. Don’t make it worse.

5. Don’t call people out on their hypocrisy with snide comments about “You haven’t spoken to your mother but you’re on Facebook saying Happy Mothers Day” or “You don’t even like your mother but you’re blah blah”

Stop it.

Leave your negativity outside today and let people do whatever they want to do.

6. Don’t make today about fathers too

It’s called Mother’s Day for a reason. On Father’s Day, make all the noise you want to make… Mother’s Day isn’t about under appreciating Fathers.

We promise there’s nothing wrong in making people have a blissful drama free day today. 


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