ATU’s Top 3 Mother Figures!

Tracy Gyamfi and Jemima Ghanamade
Tracy Gyamfi and Jemima Ghanamade

We have gone on and on about how we are bored and how online school dey stress and blah.

Today is Mother’s Day. S/O to all the female students of ATU who double as mothers. You people dey try waaaa…. Cuz most of us are single, no children and yet school dey stress we.

However there are a few people that make the stay in school extra special. Sometimes they even make you forget you are in school.

We asked you guys to let us know which women on campus fit this category and you gave us these 3 names.

Adjei Alberta

First on our list is Miss Alberta Adjei. She is a student like all of us and yet she goes out of her way to show extra love to some people. We guess that is why her name is on the list. Whoever you are God bless you immensely today wai.

Gyamfi Tracy

Tracy Gyamfi

Contestant number 2 is Tracy Gymafi. Tracy is the President of ATU’s TESCON group. Under her regime boys and girls all dey jam so she for represent. Oshey…… We hail you ma! Thank you for everything and God bless you.

Jemima Ghanamade

Jemima Ghanamade

Last but definitely not least is Aunty Jemima. Aunty Jemima is a vendor on campus. She dey sell everything some. Without you wehu 3kom bedi niggas roff. Onyame nhyira wu wai, Obaatanpa!

Let us know if there should be anyone else here.

Enjoy today guys!


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