5 Of The Most Badass Mothers From The Marvel Movies

Today is a day when we celebrate mothers. A mother isn’t just someone who has given birth to a child. A mother is also someone who cares for, nurtures and protects. A mother is someone who is full of love and goes the extra mile to show it. So, with that in mind, these are the most badass mother’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Photo of Okoye from Black Panther Movie

Although Okoye is not technically T’challa’s mother, she does one of the most important jobs that a mother does for her children. She protects him. And we don’t have to explain why she’s badass; this woman stopped a whole car with a spear. Her loyalty to T’challa also knows no bounds, a mother.

Aunt May

Photo of Aunt May and Spider-man from Spiderman: Far From Home Movie

There have been many version of the character, just because of how many Spider-man movies there have been. However, the MCU’s Aunt May is as fierce as they come. She’s very supportive of Peter, and she’s unafraid to speak up to anyone where he’s concerned.


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