10 Extra Mothers UPSA Blessed Us With

Elle, Gertrude and Beverly of UPSA
Elle, Gertrude and Beverly of UPSA

We have gone on and on about how we are bored and how online school dey stress and blah.

Today is Mother’s Day. S/O to all the female students of UPSA who double as mothers. You people dey try waaaa…. Cuz most of us are single, no children and yet school dey stress we.

However there are a few people that make the stay in school extra special. Sometimes they even make you forget you are in school.

We asked you guys to let us know which women on campus fit this category and you gave us these 10 names.



Beverly is the SRC Women’s Commissioner. To be very honest it is not an easy task trying to make school management hear and attend to the needs of the student population. God bless you miss and thank you for all you do.



Elle is a student who runs an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign on and off-campus. You have a good heart and on this day God bless you very much for the work that you do and the love you show people.

Gertrude Senu


Gertrude is the COMMSA Women’s Commissioner. Thank you for having a listening year always and knowing all the right things to tell people. Your kind is rare. God bless you.

Auntie Animah

Auntie Animah is a cook at the UPSA Hostel Cafetaria. On the first encounter, you might think she is not a nice person, but when you get closer to her you would know that she has the heart of an angel. Sis after COVID 19 Fa Fried rice nu hooki y3n saaaaa wai an ya fi wu brutal. Thank you for all the sumptuous meals your make for us.

Nhaa Star

Nhaa Star is a student of UPSA and seems to have a fan base because her name was on the list. Be like she dey spoil der for some squad. But wherever you are Nhaa Star, know that you are appreciated 1000 times. God bless you.

Mama Sunday Gladys

Sunday School teacher baako p3 no size. Nyame Nhyira wu ooo Obaatanpa. God bless you always.

Nefi Oboshie

Nefi, students of UPSA have massive love for you. Be like you dey sing make squad bed and things or maybe you dey serenade niggas demma girlfriends but at the end of the day, the love is macho on this side of town. Thank you for you!

Philipa Ago Nuamah

Philipa is also a student with a big beautiful heart doing the most and putting smiles on the faces of different people. God bless you Philipa.

Auntie Ama

Auntie Ama the beans seller. Thank you all the times you added an extra ladle of beans to our orders and extra plantain. For all the times you slipped an egg onto the order when we didn’t even order for one. For all the times we bought sakora beans because it was hala week and you added some fingers of plantain. God bless you!

Let us know if there should be anyone else here.

Enjoy today guys!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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