Tekashi 6ix9ine Has One Of The Most Epic Comebacks From Prison

Tekashi 6ix9ine is back!!!

Lol the rapper was released from jail early to serve the rest of his term under house arrest because he was considered ‘high risk’. (He has severe asthma and catching the coronavirus in prison will be disastrous for him)

So the snitch is back home and… he did what we all knew he’d do.
He went live on IG!!

If you’ve been following the story, 6ix9ine was first sent to jail because of his involvement with a gang and even though he was already quite popular for his music and annoying attitude (He can troll the whole world to tears) his popularity shot up when he went on a snitching spree in court.

Anyway, everyone was pissed at him and trolled him for being a snitch and swore he’d be killed when he steps out (Because gangs don’t mess around with snitches)

Fast forward… he’s out but everyone else is locked up so he’s super confident right now and feeling very free because there’s a lockdown and everyone is scared of the virus in the streets.

Okay so Tekashi is still very much the same and has no regrets. When he went live, he started by playing “Bad boys” and holding up his handcuffs!

He admitted he was a “rat” (Snitch/chooker) and justified why he snitched and people actually love him for that now lol!


He broke an IG live record and got 2 MILLION people on his Live!


But one thing we know for sure is… Meek Mill will be pissed because he was mad that 6ix9ine was going live and hoped he was going to apologise.


Tory Lanez was King of IG live numbers but looks like Tekashie 6ix9ine is back to claim his throne lol


He didn’t 😂.


He even dropped a music video for a new song (it has over 29 Million views by the way) and called himself a “rat” (snitch/chooker)… proudly!

The memes after his IG live are crazy!!

Watch his comeback to music here:

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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