Should Medikal Reply Eno? Here’s What Twitter Thinks

Eno Barony and Medikal

Eno Barony, last night released a song targeted at Medikal.

In the song titled Argument Done, Eno threw shots at Medikal, stating that he is the brain behind Sista Afia’s diss track to her.

Eno went all out in her song and called on Medikal to come and face her if he thinks he is a better rapper than she is.

Now everyone is waiting for a reply from Medikal. But would Medikal want to reply Eno’s diss track?

He has sent a tweet that suggests he might not reply Eno.

Medikal, however, has announced that he will release a new song on Friday, May 15, 2020.

The song is titled Nonsense. Would that be his reply to Eno? Well, let’s all patiently wait till it is released for us to decide.

On Twitter, many people think Medikal should not reply Eno becuase it is not right for a male rapper to beef a female rapper.

And there are others who think Medikal has to reply Eno and give her some good rap lessons.

Here are some of the tweets we gathered:


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