Go Crazy Over The Lyrics To Eno’s Diss Track To Sista Afia

At this point, you all know everything about the ongoing beef between Sista Afia, Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz right?
If you don’t… we pretty much explained it all here: The female rap beef explained

After Sista Afia dropped another rap song, You Got Nerves to diss Freda Rhymz and Eno and basically body shamed the hell out of Eno, the rap queen went crazy on a response “Argument Done”.

She addressed the body shaming, did a little of her own, side tackled Medikal because everyone seems to think he’s the ghostwriter behind Sista Afia’s diss tracks and oh King Promise’s sexy santo was referenced. He did nothing wrong… his head was just the perfect metaphor for her last line.

Because Eno was badass… here are the lyrics to “Argument Done”

Get a friend to help if you can’t read twi.

Me te me mantwia
me dwen me ho na
me nya nkra s3 y3 se
K)n ado wuo

Mother of all rappers
the rap goddess
wo bisa me na m’ama
woa may3 baatan hun

Hwe..medi asem nam
Menkasa y3 so wo
Yem akye wo s3 pram
3ne3 s) wo tuo mue
na wo Suotoum ghost
writter no ne na kyi ayam
Nti mo ma no filla no
Mo ma me nka tam
Mo mu bia ni h) a
Ob3 tumi ni ma aham
Wo writer no me se
Ni lyrics y3 wack
Y3 p3 nsa gi asra
wo se kutre n’sem
Bars paa ma hoardi
s3 me ba runni
Dhope bar ronny
W’oni bar ronny
This is Barony

Me se wo nye me
Nti na dabia wo p3
S3 wo y3 s3 me
Fa ahwehw3 b3 si
Wa nim wo b3 hu se
Mia na wo we me
Me mmb3 twa wo romance o,
me b3 b) wo d*ggy straight
Next time woti
Beef a wo b3 twi break
Nantwe a wo nufu
twi fom wo n’checki weight
Mene wo nyinaa di asa oo
so no body shaming

Shoutout to my heavy load queens
Nnye mua mo atete
Mattress ahye mo hips
If you wanna maintain
a big b00ty hyia me
Ahomakyi ma me ma wo tips
)si )nye rapper so she no dey make sense
Your carrier never make pesewa,
How you fi make Cent
Am God sent
Am a pikin from God
? ne wo in sense
Yedi Akyihyide3 ama
wo w) kway3 s3 fa ko ma wo maame w)
Fie a eno nkyere s3 wo y3 hunter
Obi kyere n’anum
nsem s3 b3 to bi
Kyere mia eno
Nkyere s3 wo y3 rapper

Dufokyi3 p3 a )nda
Nsuo mu nda apem
Nye ade3 a )b3 dani denkyem
Ti wo p3 a woti
wani bia rappi
Wontumi ny3 s3 me da
Wo gyimi b3 yi wo 3si nkyen
S3 )hoho) b3 hu mpua twa a
Na 3y3 krom ‘a nii bi na akyere no
Krom’a nii no p3 a
)mbra, na dwene kitiwa
No m3 si mo koto
Amma y3 gyaa no
Herh! your punch is medically (Medikaly) weak
Don’t try me, aswear am
Strong mann(Strongman)
)baa wo panties asi
Nyinaa y3 weak
Wo de3 wrowro ko ase3

ho b3di tread
When I decide to take revenge,
Even the devil will sit to learn
me twi me ti aa
na mmema aka dem
Ase nsuo agu mo so
mo ho nyinaa ay3 lem
Hwe, rap yi Obia se boy yo na twere y3
Young boi
woe p3 na wo tumi twere ye
Ow) akukudro a b3 face
Na me nkyere3 wo nyansa
Wo nsem fo nfa me dwaye
Berma kotobenku
A )hye abaa ekyi to shot
throw shots now I throw
Shot p3 your life shot

Yaa Asantewaa
Obia sene me
ma sua me man yatu mesu hia
Wo dede no npusu me
Male rappers
Barony ni mo king
Female rappers
Barony ne mo King
Rappers edwa rough
Ghana rap no me na me te so
Meni mo nni twaka
S3 King Promise ne dandroff

And pay attention to the lyrics while you play the song here:

Lyrics source: lyricalJah

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