Four Household Items You Can Exercise With.

couch exercises photo via missfit.ems
couch exercises photo via missfit.ems

To stay fit in recent times has not only been a prescription from medical officers to patients but of relevance to us all. In these times of misfortune where movements have been made limited and social gathering brought to a halt, many who visit the gyms regularly are missing its benefits.  As such,  there is the need to improvise and make the best of things surrounding us particularly, household items. Here are some household items for exercising and staying fit.


Pilates Floor Mat Size S - Petrol Blue
mat photo via missfit.ems

Perhaps the most common material to be found at home and the gym is a mat. It may not entirely look relevant but, a mat is a basic necessity for exercising and keeping fit. It provides a platform for one’s stretching, push ups, squat,  crunch and lunge. In exercising, a mat together with a footwear prevents slips and twisting of the toes as well as providing balance in the time of exercise an individual ventures in.

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