Which Of These Online Students Are You?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

We’ve been studying from home for a while now. At this point, everyone should know the type of online student that they make. So, which of these types are you?

The Student That Doesn’t Shower

Well, I think we all know that being home can affect our grooming habits. We tend to let ourselves go a little bit. When you’re studying online, it gets to a point that you learn the camera angles and whatnot so you stop showering because no one will notice anyway. Well, it’s obvious with some people but who’s going to say anything, anyway?

The Student Who Never Shows Their Video

Raise your hand if you’re in this group. Wow, there are so many of you. Well, when it’s not required it makes that you don’t show your video. You don’t have to do all that staging and go through all that looking presentable stress. You can just listen to your class and be a beautiful letter on everyone else’s screen.


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