Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Pesewa

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday and you’re probably thinking there’s nothing you can do because coronavirus has got most of you home and you can’t exactly take your mummy out because safety is key so… what can you do?

Since you’re all home, you should make this Mother’s Day a big deal!

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Serve your mum breakfast in bed. Ladies, we know you always fight with your mums about waking up early but if you’re still living with her, wake up earlier and get a nice breakfast made for her so she’d be pleasantly surprised when she wakes up.

Do all the chores! Wake up early and do all the cleaning she usually does and complains you never do. 

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We know our Christian mothers take church very seriously and will be hurt that they can’t go to church. Turn your morning devotion into a proper church. Let everyone dress up and let her dress up and have a whole church service.

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Make dinner/lunch a big deal. Everyone at home can take over dinner while she just watches Tv. Prepare her favourite meal if you can and serve her like you’re at a proper restaurant. We promise if the food isn’t nice kraaa she’d appreciate the effort.

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Allow your mum to order you around all day on Sunday. She does that already but this time, don’t complain! Type all the text messages she wants you to type! Bring her a glass of water before she even asks. Pick up the remote for her without grumbling. Just tell her to sit back with her feet up and any order she gives, you’d happily do it! (Trust us, she’ll enjoy it)

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Give her a full glam photo shoot! We know most of you are using nice phones. 

Ladies… you can even make your mum up and just glam her up! Let her feel like this is a professional photo shoot and make sure you spoil there Cos those pictures are going to be her WhatsApp dp for the rest of the year.

If y’all want to be extra and the family is up for it, you should all come together and sing her favourite song or make a big show about saying what you love about her or just swap stories about her. She’d laugh, you’d all laugh and we can promise she’d be satisfied seeing you all around her, treating her like the Queen she is.

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Warning: she will definitely annoy you the next day when she goes back to default mom mode but, she’d be happy about the memories from Mother’s Day and you will be too!!! 

PS: Involve your dad. She’d be even more impressed!


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