Is Kuami Eugene A Good Artiste? Gh Twitter Wants To Know

Via Twitter (Base Africa TV)

Kuami Eugene is definitely one of GH’s biggest artists. All the young man does is give back to back hits… he’s never made any song that’s flopped!

But… despite all of this, some people seem to think he’s not a good enough artiste.

A Kwame Eugene vs King Promise poll was ran by a Twitter user and Kuami Eugene lost in the hits vs hits … well he lost in all except for his song Angela

a conversation around the artiste sprung up about his music ability and wether or not he is a good artiste.

Naturally… the haters hated:

But people were genuinely shocked that Kuami Eugene lost in the polls

Some figured it was all because people just don’t like him for absolutely no reason!

But at the end of the day, his fans stayed true…

They have always been there for him

At the end of the day, they’re both great artistes with their own strengths and should be allowed to flourish right?

What do you think about Kuami Eugene’s music?

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