Is It Wrong To Give A Girl That You’re Dating 1000 Cedis?

Photo by Git Stephen Gitau from Pexels

Frankly, what happens between two people in a relationship should be nobody else’s business. However, Ghana we dey and people are going to have opinions anyway. A twitter user talked about giving his girlfriend 1000 Cedis to start a business. And of course, it sparked a conversation.

This Lady Doesn’t Think That It’s A Big Deal

And This Guy Obviously Believes That A Relationship Is Worth More Than That

And Then There’s The Opinion That People Are Just Jarred Because They Are Broke

This Person Makes A Fair Point

On The Other Side Of The Argument…

Maybe He’s Exaggerating But I Think You Get The Point

Even Counselor Lutterodt Has Something To Say On The Issue

And Then There Were The Jokes

What do you think? Is 1000 cedis too much to give to someone that you’re dating?

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