How To Be A Morning Person If You Can’t Sleep At Night

Sleeping lady
Sleeping lady

Many people have had bad sleeping schedules in recent times. I mean there were those who couldn’t sleep before this whole COVID 19 thingy but now it looks like everyone is awake and active at night and without knowing, this tends to affect their health.

If you are not careful by the time we return to normalcy a lot of us would be ALWAYS late for class and work and we won’t even have a reasonable explanation as to why.

Trying to adjust one’s sleeping schedule back to normal can be difficult but here are a few ways to try and do so that will help you.

Skip naps during the day or rather take short naps before 3pm so your night sleep is not disturbed.

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Reduce light exposure. Bright lights make you feel awake and alert so it’s advisable to dim your lights at night or to turn them off. Try as much as possible to avoid using your computer, phone or other electronic gadgets.

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