How An Illness Shot Camidoh Into The Limelight

Camidoh shot into the limelight when his song, For My Lover became an instant hit song. In an interview with for Emergers 2020, he revealed that the song was thought up in bed while he had a cold. According to him, he was just home alone, bored and sick. Right there in his room, he worked on the beat and wrote down the lyrics to the song that will become his breakout hit.

“I would have just dropped the song if I didn’t meet my label, Grind Don’t Stop. They heard For My Lover, loved it and agreed to work with me”

The smooth feature from Darkovibes on the song was also unplanned.

“My label took me to see Omar Sterling and we met Darkovies there. We realized he could be a good fit to the song so we mentioned it and Omar Sterling helped link us up and…that was it”

Camidoh refers to himself as a very principled guy who loves to do things right. He usually spends most of his time, thinking about the next step for his music.


Unlike most people, Camidoh has found a way to merge his music career with his marketing degree from UPSA where he learned how to produce music more as a necessity while making sure he was going for his lectures and passing his classes.

” I am fusing my degree with my music career. I understand the need for marketing and I actually have plans of working with reputable international PR agencies that will help market my music and myself as a person/artiste to everyone worldwide.” He said.

Camidoh spent most of his formative years in the Volta Region, schooling and being raised by his single mother, Christiana Dzifa Fudjoe, an economics teacher in Ola Senior High School who played a pivotal role in his life, teaching him humility and discipline which he revealed are two things he is currently serving him well in his music career.


“Knowing how my mum single-handedly took care of me and my two siblings despite the difficult times we went through, pushes me to present the best version of myself always and primarily make my mum proud”

Chris Brown is an artiste Camidoh cites as one other person he’s learned a lot from. Not necessarily just music-wise but the For My Lover singer loves to remind himself of how Chris Brown despite his affluence, popularity and lots of hit songs lost face amongst his fans due to his attitude. He also added that he’s impressed about how Chris Brown managed to snap back from his ‘dark period’ and that inspires him to know that nothing can hold him back.

On his music, Camidoh told that he looks forward to doing more live shows for people to understand his authentic self and is looking forward to growing to become an even better performer and an international artiste.

Watch One-On-One With Camidoh, The Singer Whose Breakthrough Came After Meeting DarkoVibes Below:


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