Eno Barony Throws Shots At Medikal In “Argument Done”

Eno Barony Throws Shots At Medikal In "Argument Done"

Medikal just got dragged into the all female beef. Eno Barony, this evening just threw some shots at Medikal calling him the Ghost writer behind Sista Afia’s diss to her.

Eno Barony in her song is calling on Medikal to come battle her head to head. She is testing the rap skills of Medikal to a battle. A literal translation of a line Eno Barony said was “If you are brave come face me..” She continues to call Medikal a coward for hiding behind a lady to diss her.

Well Medikal is yet to reply to the diss.

Medikal’s previous beef with Strongman didn’t go as planned for Medikal as Strongman murdered him. Can he prove himself?

The tweet below is the genesis of the between Eno Barony and Sista Afia.

However the beef goes way beyond this tweet, we did some digging and we found out what exactly is going on the female side of the music industry. Read this article to find out how it all started “The Female Rap Beef…Explained! Here’s Everything That Happened

Check out Eno barony’s Argument Done below.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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