Crazy Punishments That Ghanaian Teachers Give!

Throwbacks are for Thursday, I know. However, I’m not good at following rules. That’s why I know so many of these punishments. Honestly, we’ve been through some things all in the name of correction. See if any of these brings back some memories.

A Good Old Fashioned Lashing

So the guy who sits in front will write your name, and then when the teacher comes back to the class with his cane you know what’s about to go down. Even before the actual canes, when you know that it’s coming, the anticipation is unbearable. And when the actual caning comes… my God! Do you think Rasta will relax for you when his reputation is on the line??

Writing Lines

So when our teachers tried to be boujee with their punishments, they would tell us to write lines. And this thing erh. What kind of mind thought up a punishment that you can take home with you? Imagine spending your weekend writing 3000 lines only to go back to school the next week and do the same thing that you were punished for.


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