5 Ways To Know You Got Dumped Without Warning


Things are going amazingly well with your new love. You get butterflies every time you’re together and you just know this will last forever. Even your friends are starting to ask when you two are going to tie the knot. The possibility of building a life together is becoming more real each day. Then you get a phone call — or worse, a text — that things just aren’t working out. You never even saw it coming. Well, maybe you just weren’t looking hard enough.

There are a few subtle signs that could spell the end of your relationship. Here are five to watch out for.

Phone calls become less frequent

Missed Calls by Richie Mac on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds
less conversations photo via soundcloud.com

Gone are the days when you used to fall asleep on the phone while whispering sweet nothings. Fast forward to a few months (or years) into the relationship, and you’re either rushed off the phone or sent straight to voicemail. Or, you used to get a response to your phone call or text messages right away, but now, you either don’t get a response at all, or it takes hours or days before you hear back. Nothing is wrong with your phone, you’re just lower on the priority list. In fact, you’re so low, you’re about to be dropped off the list altogether.

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