5 Of The Weirdest Apps, You Never Knew About

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

Okay, I need you to understand that making an app takes some work. People do all those things that you see in the movies like coding, debugging, creating APIs and all that good stuff. Some people will use all that brain-power and then make… The. Most. Useless. Apps. Ever. Here are some of the weirdest apps you’re ever going to come across.

Poop Log

Our top spot goes to Poop Log, a free app on both Android and iOS. This app lets you record your bowel movements. You can track your poop patterns to determine if you’re healthy, and guess what, you can even take pictures. I shit you not (pun intended). We don’t shame over here, but if you’re going to use this app, we’re definitely going to shame you.


There are lots of ways to get better at kissing, but these developers decided that the best way was with an app. Here’s how it works; you kiss your phone screen, and the app analyzes your kissing and tells you how to be better??? What?? Oh and the app likes tongue.


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