5 New Hobbies You Can Try With All That Extra Time You Have

food photo via niyenii by tatas
food photo via niyenii by tatas

Looks like the new anthem that has replaced the national anthem is “I AM BORED”. Everyone sings this song at least 10 times a day. For people who have online school and all that how are you bored?? lol

Anyways if you are bored there are a couple of things we think you can try to sort out the issue of boredom.

Trying a new hobby does not really cost much and can rather help you relieve some stress. Discovering other things you can do well can also boost your self-confidence. There are lots of free hobbies you can try that are entertaining, educational and fun until things return to normal.

Aside your hobbies you already enjoy doing, here are five new hobbies you can try especially during this period:

Learn a new language

13 Expert Tips You must Try To Learn A Language By Yourself
learn a new language photo via thelingoworld.com

There are lots of free resources online that can help you learn another language. You can start by learning the alphabets or a few greetings in that language. You can also download and listen to podcasts in that language.

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