5 Clear Signs It’s Time To Block Your Ex

It’s relatively difficult to get rid of some exes, they become like a beautiful scar on your relationship tree. But there are times and signs that hit you and you just realize you need to hit the kill switch now. Here are some very clear signs it’s definitely time to block that Ex.

When they get all nosy in your new relationship.

Nosy GIF | Gfycat
Nosy GIF via gfycat.com

There are certain topics and questions that are strictly out of bounds to exes and it’s always a problem when they don’t stay in that zone. When your ex starts asking about your new partner and how things are going in your new relationship it’s as simple as a person not minding their business. It’s just that the past and nothing about the present is their business, if they don’t get that vibe then it’s time to say bye-bye.

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  1. I get it oo but blocking the person would just help temporarily. You would definitely meet the person and everything will rush back to you.


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