Moor Sound Credits Kuvie For His Music Production Skills

Most people who have achieved success today rode on the backs of others who have come before them.

This is true for Moor Sound, a music producer whose unlikely change in career path from an astronaut to doing music is a remarkable tale on its own.

Moor Sound loved music as a child. His father took him to piano lessons, he joined his basic school’s band and became the Entertainment Prefect where he used Virtual DJ to play music.

However, even that didn’t make him realise he could go into mainstream music.

Until he saw Kuvie do it.

In 2014, EL, an A-list musician at the time, released the Kuvie produced song “Agbadza” and it quickly became a hit.

Moor Sound, who was an Actuarial Science student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology at the time, was impressed by what his old school mate, Kuvie was doing.

The guy Moor Sound knew from primary school is now producing music for some of the biggest musicians in the country.

Kuvie inspired me and showed me that a normal person can become great.

– Moor Sound

Moor Sound then hit up Kuvie and discussed his music production ambitions with him.

That was when Kuvie taught him how to use Fruity Loops and showed him where to put the snare and the kicks.

“Back in the day, we would go to the internet café and we be doing all kinds of stuff but Kuvie will be watching YouTube tutorials on how to make beats and all of a sudden boom, he has produced things for EL. At that time, that was very big for me,” Moor Sound said in an Emergers 2020 interview with

Since his meeting with Kuvie, Moor Sound has gone on to produce music for Magnom, Kidblack, Spacely and other musicians.

His 2019 collaborative project, “Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time” with Kidblack is one of the most critically acclaimed music projects ever.

Watch Moor Sound, The Wannabe Astronaut Talk About How He Is Creating His Own Space In Music Below:


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