It Took Me Three Tries To Break Even: George Frederick Oddoye

Photo of Food Prepared by George Frederick Oddoye
Photo of Food Prepared by George Frederick Oddoye

We are in a time where you are never really far away from a hustle. Even when you have a full-time job, you can just hop onto your social media pages and sell something. There are opportunities to make money all around us. George Frederick Oddoye is a full-time Home Chef who experimented with a business idea on the side: weekend food pop-ups. Although he had a horrible start, this chef kept at it until he started making a profit.

The First Pop-Up

So, for a pop-up, Frederick announces that he’s preparing a particular meal. The word goes around, and people show up to a temporary location to buy what’s on the menu that day. His first pop-up was on a weekend. He made Cheese Stick Sandwiches… and unfortunately, it was a flop. That’s not a reflection on his skills as a chef, it’s just how business is sometimes. Frederick didn’t sell half of the food that he made that day.


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