“By June De3…” This Is What Ghanaians Think

Dancing Pallbearers meme (Dada Awu)

Ghana’s Coronavirus cases keep shooting up.

This morning, we all woke up to the news that the cases are now over 3000 with 303 recoveries and 18 deaths.

Naturally, people are scared and worried and one phrase that has risen ever since the cases started going up is this “By June dierr”

People coined that term to mean that by June, things might just be really bad and naturally, Ghanaians have found a way to make this “doomsday” phrase funny.


Not all the “By June de3” comments are bleak by the way. Some genuinely think by June, we really are going to be alright.


Well… we are in May right? We just have a few more weeks till June so, we will see what exactly By June dierr means.

But remember, do not panic.

Stay at home if you have nowhere to go but if you do have someplace going, wear your face masks, wash your hands, use your hand sanitizers and make sure you observe social distancing all the time!

source: kuulpeeps.com

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