BIO: Moor Sound (Isaac Kweku Asrifi Bempong)

Moor Sound in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
Moor Sound in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
Moor Sound in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

FULL NAME: Isaac Kweku Asrifi Bempong (Moor Sound)

HOMETOWN: Saltpond

RESIDENCE: Kokomlemle

GENRE: Versatile

SKILL SET: Producing Music, DJing, Mixing and Mastering

BORN: 7th October, 1992



ASSOCIATED ACTS: Copta, Kiddback, King Joey, Magnom, Slim Drums, Foreign Local, $pacely


ORIGIN STORY: Growing up, he wanted to be an astronaut, that was what led him to study General Science at the Senior High School level. He wrote the A-level and he was about to attend a school in Canada. However, that dream was cut short when his dad suffered a stroke. The family became concerned about him being able to survive in Canada, this then eventually led him to secure admission to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

He decided that if he was going to go to school in Ghana then he would prefer a mathematics course, that is why he ended up studying Actuarial Science at KNUST and not because he was crazy about insurance.

After a year of studying, he realized he couldn’t afford his lifestyle as a student on his allowance, so he decided to get a job while schooling. However, jobs didn’t jump right at him.

It took time for him to realize that whenever he went out with his friends they disliked the music that was played, however, when they hang out in his room, they fell in love with the music he was playing. This ah-ha moment led him to start djing.

In 2012, a friend of his was managing a bar called XO Lounge in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region and he gave him a job to DJ at the bar. As the bar was frequented by Nigerians, he became popular among them and that’s when he realized that he could make money.

He started learning how to produce music when djing started getting boring. He knew Kuvie from his primary school days at the Ghana International School and around 2014, EL dropped a Kuvie produced song called “Agbadza”.

This gave Moor Sound the needed motivation for him to be serious about producing music. If his primary school friend can do it – so can he.

Moor Sound reached out to Kuvie via Twitter and told him about wanting to get into production. In 2014, Moor Sound and Guuvie then met at BBNZ with EL and others and they spoke about Moor Sound’s music production ambitions.

Kuvie taught him how to use Fruity Loops (a software used to create music), showed him where to put the snare and the kicks. That was when Moor Sound actually started learning how to make beats.

However, it would take him 3 more years before he started professional production of music.

In 2016, two years after meeting Kuvie at BBNZ, Moor Sound also met Copta at Kona though he had gone there see AI perform. AI’s song “Grind” was a hit then.

Before AI came to perform, Copta was his opening act and that was the first time Moor Sound saw Copta perform but it wouldn’t be the last.

Moor Sound loved Copta’s performance so he shared a few beats he had made with Copta and he loved them too.

However, Moor Sound was still without a studio to make the kind of really dope music he is now known for.

That would change in January 2017 when he got at RGG Studios – his current home.

RGG Studios

It was luck and merely sharing one’s problems that helped Moor Sound to secure his job at RGG Studios.

In December 2016 around the same time he attended AI’s show at KONA, Moor Sound also attended a party where he and met a friend who told me about a studio needing a producer.

Moor Sound then got the studio’s number, and reached out to them. When he met the team at the studio, played them some of his music and then he got hired. That’s how he got his job at RGG Studios which is owned by Foreign Local.

After he landed the job RGG Studios, he reached out to Copta for them to finally make the music they had discussed months earlier.

At that time, he didn’t know how to record, he didn’t know how to do anything, all he knew was how to make beats.

However, when he got his job, the owner of the studio, Foreign Local had taken a job to edit the sound of a movie called “My Very Ghanaian Wedding”. This then became Moor Sound’s job. He ended up editing the sound of the movie and through that, he learned how to use the recording software he is currently using – Pro Tools.

He spent the whole of 2017 learning how to use Pro Tools. Besides editing the movie, he would also record Copta sometimes. It was during this time that the two recorded ‘Finner Things’. The project was released in 2018.

It was Copta who gave Moor Sound the opportunity to record, mix and master an entire album. It was his first time and a big learning curve for him.

The “Finer Things: was all he had done in 2018, but then he met Magnom in the later part 2018 and they worked a song together. It was DJ Lord featuring Magnom on “King Two” and later they worked on Magnom’s own album called “We Speed 2”. Comparing that to Copta’s “Finer Things”, “We Speed 2” was the biggest thing he had been on at the time. Moor Sound had about 6 productions on that album.

After “We Speed 2”, Moor Sound dropped his first joint project with King Joey called “High Demand” a month later. He was trying to capitalize on the publicity from Magnom’s album.

Later, Copta, King Joey and Moor Sound came together and dropped the project called “In Case You Missed It”. It was an attempt to refocus the attention of the industry and the fans on the earlier projects they had released. Moor Sound told in an interview that they felt “people were not paying attention to our earlier projects.”

In January 2019, Moor Sound would meet another great musician who would move him closer to his dream. That musician is Kidblack.

Moor Sound met Kiddblack through another musician called Mayor who was featuring Kiddblack on his song. Moor Sound was producing that song.

In 2019, Moor Sound released four projects besides working on other people’s albums. One of his projects, a collaborative EP with Kidblack called “Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time,” was released.

Moor Sound also worked on Spa$ely’s album, B4Bonah’s album and also produced “Bounce with Titi” for Magnom.

Kuvie inspired me and showed me that a normal person can become great.

– Moor Sound


2012: He got a job at XO Lounge in Kumasi where he earned GHS 200 a night. Then he DJed at the All White Party in Kumasi.

2013: He played at clubs such as The VIEW and private parties.

2016: Graduated from KNUST

2017: Landed his job at RGG Studios and sound edited the movie called “My Very Ghanaian Wedding.”

2018: Produced, Recorded, mixed and mastered Copta’s “The Finer Things”.

          Worked with Magnom on King Two, DJ Lord Featuring Magnom.

          Worked with Magnom on We Speed 2. Moor Sound had about 6 productions on the album

          Released his own joint project with King Joey called “High Demand”

In November, he teamed up with Copta and King Joey to release “In Case You Missed It” – a collection of all their previous projects.

2019: Worked with Major featuring Kiddblack

         Worked on a tape with Kiddblack in April called “Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time”

Dropped a three-song project with Gavie called Super 2 featuring Magnom, Copta and Edgadegig and Zana May.

Released “Times We Need Each Other” With Kwame Yesu and Questo

Released “Now” with Magnom.


He has Airbnb spaces

TRIVIA: Favourite colour: Black

Favourite Food – Kenkey and egg stew with sausage

SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Watch Moor Sound, The Wannabe Astronaut Talk About How He Is Creating His Own Space In Music Below:


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