According To Pizza, Men Might Be Trash Or Not. Find Out Why

men are trash photo via
men are trash photo via

To consider whether men are trash or not goes back to male dominance.

It is gross disrespect to women and the movement feminism. Yes.

 The #MenAreTrash hashtag is the most used hashtag on the internet even though it surfaced around 2016/2017 just around when 3rd wave feminism started to surface or you will say it was a coincidence?? You can cross-check mmom.

In the 1900s women dared not to speak against men even though the 1st and 2nd wave of feminism was in action but then who cared about what then.

We are looking for money we all make hyi so scratch that .

Back to men are trash; men are really trash. They are abusive, cheaters, liars, murderers, backstabbers and all the other vile words you can think about but all of that is from one point of view.

From another angle, men are angels, sweet, caring, a dream come true and all the other nauseating sweet words you can think about ……….you know what I mean. 

The whole case about men respecting women as equals and giving them the opportunity and the necessary exposure they need is very much important.

Let’s not forget that the female species can also to some extent be described by those vile words from one angle and the sweet words from another angle as well.

Bottom line is, human beings need to respect each other that’s all.

If you wanted it to end in a definitive yes to the question are men trash?  Sorry to disappoint you boo-boo.

Let’s love, not hate.


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