7 Tips For Transitioning To Natural Hair

natural hair Image source: naturallymadisen.com

So you’ve decided not to go with the big chop and you want to transition slowly. We are extremely happy to welcome you to this side of the hair journey.

You should remember though that the journey you’ve decided to take will be a little painful, very very frustrating and somewhat draining, but you should remember why you decided to start in the first place.

Lol. We hope we haven’t scared you off just yet but to be honest, the natural hair journey is quite tedious and anyone who says otherwise is just lying to you. Deciding to transition instead of doing the big chop can be extra tedious because of the undergrowth you’ll experience, the pain in combing your hair and the little sadness you would feel trimming your hair.

In as much as it can be all these things, we gathered some 6 tips for transitioning to natural hair.

  1. Be patient with your hair
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You now have 2 very different textures on your head so you will need to be patient. Also, when you had permed hair, chances are you didn’t really take care of the hair yourself so you would need to adjust to this new style of living. You need to take your time to detangle, moisturize and take care of the hair. You need to get to know your hair for yourself and make sure the hair you get at the end of the transitioning stage is healthy and easy to maintain.

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