6 Things That Always Get Lost In Ghanaian Homes

It’s almost as if there’s an extra person living in the house and living on the different items they pick. Or… is there a ghost in the house??

Shocked Realization Community GIF | Gfycat

Either ways, these items keep getting missing and for the life of us, we cannot understand why.

  1. The Remote
Couch Potato Diaries: Stop Losing the Apple TV Remote | Daniel Kanter

We are convinced that that thing has a mind of its own! One minute it’s beside you. The next minute, it’s gone. If you’re living alone, you can just give up on looking for it and watch movies on your laptop or something but when you’re living with your parents, it’s a different ball game together. You’ll search and search and search and you will not find it. Odd thing is that you’ll often find it in the most unexpected place.

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