The Men Are Killing It In Simi’s #BabyBumpChallenge

Simi definitely unlocked the Beyonce code of privacy and music. She’s been giving us sneak peeks into her private life through her music videos for while now.

Remember when she got married to Adekunle Gold last year? It was a private ceremony but, we found out about it through their music video…Promise.

Now, the two are stuck in the States because of the coronavirus pandemic and are locked up at home but…Simi revealed she was pregnant in a music video Duduke where she showed off her beautiful baby bump and…now that the secret is out, she’s started a really cute and hilarious challenge that’s definitely become our favourite thing to watch.

Simi posted a video of herself dancing with her huge baby bump

And now, eveyone is joining in the infectious challenge.

With their own baby bumps!

Of course some are not playing by the rules. The dance routine is hard sha

But the funniest thing is the men who are taking part in the challenge!

No pregnant man (yes, man) should be allowed to dance like this lmao

And ermm some people went into labour mid challenge

Simi is adorable and her fans are cute too.

We would love to see more cos it’s cute and funny as well…right?

Source: Kuulpeeps

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