Quiz: What Type Of Natural Hair Person Are You?


When you are too broke to buy products, what do you do?

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What's the most challenging thing about Natural Hair for you?

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Which of these dominate your Instagram explore feed?

Which of these best describes your hair?

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Which one have you done before?

How often do you get braids or weaves done?


What hairstyle are you usually in?

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The Natural Hair Goddess

You love your hair and you go out of your way to take care of it which is probably why it's so beautiful! Keep up the good work hun and may the hair growth gods be with you!
"Me dierr I just base" / "I am tired!!!"

You are probably fighting your hair right now and still trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Just be patient dear, your love-hate relationship will soon blossom to a full-blown love affair with your hair! Read the Kuulpeeps articles on Natural hair tips!
"I cannot kill myself"/ "I'm tired"

You have tried everything you can but still, your hair isn't turning out to become what you expected so you have given up the war with your hair. Don't give up just yet...read about the Natural Hair tips on Kuulpeeps.com and try one last time!

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