Jerome Munyangi: The Doctor Behind Madagascar’s Coronavirus Herbal Cure

Dr Jerome Munyangi is the research lead and brain behind the creation of Madagascar's Covid-Organics

Dr Jerome Munyangi a Congolese based in Madagascar is the brain behind Madagascar’s coronavirus herbal remedy known as Covid-Organics.

This herbal remedy was approved by the Malagasy government as the cure and prevention treatment for coronavirus.

Dr Jerome Munyangi was recruited by the World Health Organisation (WHO). He was working as a researcher of neglected tropical diseases and has also been working on an alternative Malaria treatment.

At the launch of Covid-Organics, Madagascar’s President Andry Nirina Rajoelina revealed that Dr Jerome Munyagi is working in partnership with the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research.

“We appreciate the efforts, the scientific, innovative and work ethic of research lead doctor, Dr Jerome Munyangi for discovering the end of coronavirus. This Covid-Organics herbal drink, has been tested and proved to be working. So far it was tested on 8 patients and they all recovered, this is the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

Dr Jerome Munyangi obtained his medical degree from the University of Kinshasa. He went on to obtain Master’s degrees from Paris Diderot University and the University of Ottawa.

Dr Jerome Munyangi has suffered state-sponsored persecution in his homeland. After the success of his Malaria Artemisia plant research, he was persecuted, poisoned and imprisoned. Upon his release, he opted to study towards his master’s degree in France.

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