Koo Kumi’s New Tri-Piece “An Ode To A New Moon” Celebrates Life And Death

An Ode To A New Moon image via Koo Kumi

Koo Kumi has released a new and unexpected Tri-piece. The Ep ” An Ode To A New Moon” is a deep retrospect of life and death. Just as the title states “An Ode is poem in three parts so this EP is an ode to my new age!” Koo Kumi said in an interview with Kuulpeeps.

The Ep is also just “basically saying ‘Happy Birthday’ to myself and to put my growth to a test”.

Delving deep into the Ep, Koo Kumi takes us through each track. Fun Fact the entire Ep took two days to record.

The Beginning

“I wanted to share with my audience some ancient knowledge I’ve chanced upon and also associate with. One is reincarnation and a life beyond this planet. I had to start from the cradle of civilization thus Egypt. I wanted to tell everyone that We are Kings and Queens and I will be even after death.”


“The second poem was written as an appreciation, it’s dedicated to every black woman, the concept of the piece is borrowed from the creation story of the Aboriginals. It’s also a love poem that metaphorically refers to the woman as Oya and the man as Shango.” Watch out for the extended version of Cleopatra.

The last piece was written in 2017.


“I got fed up with how “woke” people behaved and how condescending they were becoming. It’s also a prophetic piece that predicts how our social lives are being shaped by the media and the society at large with kind of a hypodermic needed approach. It talks about fashion, movies, self-hate, and all.”

An Ode To A New Moon” is to “encourage people to go deeper into things especially the past and things that they normally allow other people to teach them about, thus religion and spirituality.”

The other impact of this piece is to see a more “Flexible Woke” society which allows open-minded discussions and acceptance of views.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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