“Animation Is A Lot Of Work” – Blessed Igelenyah

Photo of Blessed Igelenyah

Animation is not the easiest field to get into when you are in Ghana. There are very few institutions that teach the craft. Even in a place like this, however, there is still a handful of great animation studios. LOL GH is one of the best of those, at bringing the Ghanaian-flavour to the medium of animation. We talk to lead animator for the team, Blessed Igelenyah, who takes us through his journey to become an animator.

It Started With An Interest

Animation Made By Blessed Igelenyah (@kemical37), Lead Animator For LOL GH

Blessed is Nigerian-born, but has spent a majority of his life in living in Ghana. He has always had an interest in animation, even from a young age. He started making his own animations during the 2007 to 2010 period. Starting out, he focused on animating Stick Figures. Blessed found groups on Facebook where he could learn the craft from others, as well as share his work.

Later, he would grow his skills in the art and work with the likes of Digital Advertisers Creo Concepts, before finding his current position as the lead animator of LOL GH.


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