4 Things Rich People Do That Seem Like A Waste Of Money

Source: lowgif.com

We all look at rich people living their lives and salivate. We tell ourselves that this would be us in a couple of years and we promise ourselves that our kids will really live life.

Case in point, when Cuppy and her father, Otedola went to Italy for about an hour just to get some Gelato. They went to Italy because of common ice cream! Hm. We must all be rich some.

Anyways! Here are some of the things rich people do that we think is a waste of money but if we were rich, we would also do the same or even worse. Lmao!

  1. Buy expensive cars and leave them in their garages
ferrari garage | Tumblr

Just dash some of us some er??!! Some of these cars were bought out of boredom and we cannot think far cuz if you see the prices of the cars er, you go shock!

Funny thing is that having some of the cars especially in Ghana doesn’t make sense because of the types of roads we have here. You’ll just spoil your car free.

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