Nike Creates Its First-Ever Indoor Cycling Shoe

Nike new indoor cycling shoe image via Nike

Released just in time when indoor workouts are more important than ever, Nike has launched the brand’s first-ever indoor cycling shoe.

Falling under the company’s SuperRep training line, the new sneaker is designed to address the lateral and out-of-seat movements riders experience during a session.

A special support arc has been built into the shoe’s medial side, offering greater security of your feet during various combinations such including “Figure 8s.”

SuperRep training line image via Nike

Using a lightweight translucid mesh construction for its upper, as well as a perforated sockliner and air vents at the bottom of the plate, Nike has managed to keep the sneaker both incredibly light and breathable.

A simplified closure system allows for easier accessibility, while rubber studs on the outsole and textured toe plates provide much-needed traction as you walk to and from your bike.

Source: Hypebeast

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