How To Keep A Friendship After You Are ” BOUNCED”

fit couples
fit couples

No battle is more personal and frustrating for a guy than keeping a friendship rolling smoothly after a bounce. This episode is even more punishment for females.

As females, proposing to a guy alone is an issue, then imagine being bounced after packaging your feelings and giving it out only for it to be trashed- Double ‘Yawa’.

Nevertheless, this is a problem often encountered with guys than ladies. It’s quite normal for a guy to feel awkward in conversation with a girl who just rejected him because one can never picture the series of events going on in her head; “Like seriously. you who doesn’t even know how to ‘shadda’ properly? He doesn’t walk well too on top. How will he talk to my friends with this grammar?”

Guys should just accept that very few girls have these funny thoughts, with some the vibe just isn’t there, hence no thoughts about you.

Wouldn’t it be best if guys noted that most girls actually find nothing weird in rejecting them until they start acting weird in the first place? Some argue that after the girl bounces you, what more is there to discuss? This view has ruined many friendships. If only guys would try to normalize conversations, even if they have to pretend for some time after they’re bounced, gradually they’ll save that friendship.

Imagine the drastic change from “good morning beautiful” to “Hi,” the girl would be warranted to give a harsher response and before we know everything is gone.

And to our ladies, the fact that you mastered the courage to propose and you were rejected doesn’t make you less of a woman- unless you believe your entire dignity is strung upon one guy’s views about you.


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