5 Foods To Eat For Strong Nails

Image source: classicghana.com

A number of us have had dry and brittle nails for so long. You don’t need to use scissors to cut these type of nails. You can just break them off yourself.

Whiles people just paint heir nails and move on, you need to rely on acrylic nails to grow yours.

We feel your pain love.

Here are some foods you should incorporate into your diet since they give your body the necessary nutrients to make your nails grow better.

  1. Dark leafy greens
Ghanaian Spinach Stew (Kontomire) Recipe - Hutwise.com

They help make your nails, well, tough as nails. Leafy green veggies, including kontomire, spinach, broccoli, lettuce and collard greens provide your body with enough iron, folate, and calcium to get nails back into fighting shape. (Source: insider.com)

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