Why Ghanaians Were Referred To As The Canadians Of West Africa

A TV show called Ghanaians Canadians of West Africa

Once again, GH Twitter is riled up over something.

Someone called Ghanaians the Canadians of Africa in a TV show! 

The Tv show is a sitcom titled Bob Hearts Abishola. It’s about a white man who falls in love with his Nigerian nurse.

In the epsiode trending on Twitter, Bob is talking to two Nigerians, asking for help because his Nigerian girlfriend is mad at him.

Their advice?

Forget the Naija babe and get a Ghanaian woman because apparently we (GH women) are more “loosey goosey” because Ghanaians are basically the Canadians of West Africa. 


Are people mad? Lowkey.


Is it just banter? Yes, definitely.

Being called the Canadians of West Africa is not as insulting as it may seem. Canadians are known for being extremely friendly and polite and are known to love peace.


Ghanaians are synonymous to hospitality. We are known for our sweet peace loving selves and are called friendly by everyone and anyone who comes into contact with us anywhere around the world.

It has nothing to do with the social media war between Nigerians and Ghanaians over whose accent sounds better. (Canadians are teased for their accents… A LOT)

We can choose to be mad at this and we can also choose to laugh at those mad at it but at the end of it all, let’s remember… it’s a tv show designed to make people laugh. 

Source: Kuulpeeps

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